Tuesday 17 March 2020


Visit to The Cathedral of Our Lady 

A garden 16 ft. above street level and in the heart of Antwerp…
For long this was a well-kept secret. How did it end up there and
what is the relation between this garden and the unfinished
cathedral tower? 

From this tower you can see Antwerp the way you never saw the
city and the river Scheldt. You will also explore a number of hidden
spots “behind the screens” and admire the age-old craftsmanship of
roof carpenters and builders of vaultings and towers.

View Rubens paintings in the cathedral
By bringing the nascent baroque style from Italy to Antwerp, Peter
Paul Rubens radically renewed Flemish art of the seventeenth century.


Master pieces of Rubens in the Cathedral

- The raising of the cross (1609-1610)
- The resurrection of Christ (1611-1612)
- The descent from the cross (1611-1614)
- The assumption of the Virgin (1625-1626)

Visit to the Plantin Moretus museum


Travel back into the past. Step into the house and the print shop.

Enter the world of the influential Plantin and Moretus family.
Christophe Plantin spent his life among books. Together with his
wife and fivedaughters, he lived in an imposing property on
Vrijdagmarkt. Plantin andJan Moretus built up an impressive
printing business. Today, this is the onlymuseum in the world to
be recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site


Transport included
Lunch included

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