Turloch Mooney

IHS Markit

Associate Director, Maritime & Trade

Turloch Mooney is a senior business intelligence professional at IHS Markit. As the JOC’s senior editor for global ports, Mooney is responsible for the creation of strategic content across multiple media formats — including print, online, and events — utilizing data-rich insights and analyses across the full value chain that IHS Markit provides as a global research company. His responsibilities include establishing key influencer programs in the container shipping sector to support the development of data, events, and consulting services, as well as fostering collaboration among industry players by developing conference programs, industry workshops, and whitepapers. Mooney also chairs the JOC’s annual TPM Asia Conference. He has 20 years of experience in the supply chain and transportation industries and is a subject matter expert in international trade policy and processes. Previously, Mooney worked for the Geneva-based International Air Transport Association, the global trade association for the world’s airlines, and Informa Group, the publisher of Lloyd’s maritime and transport brands. He has lived and worked in diverse cities across the world, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Amsterdam. Mooney completed an undergraduate degree and postgraduate studies in communications at the National University of Ireland, and he holds a Master of Arts with a focus on international law and international trade from the University of Limerick, Ireland.

SESSIONS WITH Turloch Mooney

Monday, 21 June

  • 10:15am - 11:00am (CET) / 21/jun/2021 08:15 am - 21/jun/2021 09:00 am


    Global Trade Outlook


    Get the latest global economic outlook from the World Trade Organization, the co-author of the IAPH COVID-19 Port Economic Impact Barometer and the port expert from the world's largest private economic market intelligence organization.

Thursday, 24 June

  • 01:35pm - 02:20pm (CET) / 24/jun/2021 11:35 am - 24/jun/2021 12:20 pm

    Data Collaboration

    Applying Port Call Optimisation in Practice


    To improve port call efficiencies, eliminate wasted berth time and to reduce emissions by vessels on approach and alongside seemed a pipe dream only five years ago. Pioneering ports are now bringing together nautical and supply chain players in their communities to share data, vessel approach and berth planning as well as orchestrating finely-tuned task itineraries by vessel service providers and authorities from the moment a vessel moors until she departs. Witness practical examples of how this is put in practice, and the lessons learnt moving forward from some of the most advanced port call optimization solution providers.