Soji Apampa

The Integrity Organisation (Ltd.) (Gte.)


Soji APAMPA is an International Corporate & Political Governance Expert and Co-Founded The Integrity Organisation (Ltd.) (Gte.) in 1999 and The Convention on Business Integrity Ltd. (Gte.), a project launched in Lagos in 1997 to promote ethical business practices, transparency, and fair competition in both the private and the public sectors. Over the last 10 years, Soji has been a consultant to various governance, private sector and social development projects in Nigeria. Soji led the effort to develop a Corporate Governance Rating System (CGRS) launched in November 2014, which forms the foundation of the Premium Board of the Nigeria Stock Exchange and also a tradable Corporate Governance Index. Mr. Apampa’s work on governance is recognised around the world. In 2009, he was appointed Senior Advisor to the United Nations Global Compact Working Group on the 10th Principle (Anti-Corruption) and has contributed academic papers to major publications on anti-corruption such as the Handbook on Compliance Management published by Prof. Dr. Josef Wieland of the Konstance Institute of Applied Ethics, and Prof. Dr. Johan Graf Lambsdorf’s book on The New Institutional Economics of Corruption. Prof. Lambsdorf is one of the authors of the famous Corruption Perceptions Index published annually by Transparency International. Mr. Apampa has advised governments in Africa and Europe, and is a member of the editorial board of Premium Times (an online newspaper), and was for several years consultant to the Governance and Institutions Policy Commission of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG). In 2017, Soji founded CBi Innovations Ltd. (CBiIL), a for-profit social-impact company that partners with the poor to improve their incomes and productivity. CBiIL is currently building a self-sustaining private extension/field service organisation that leverages modern technology (both hardware and software) for data aggregation. This data aggregation enables effective and efficient aggregation of smallholder producers (young men & women) in ways that give predictability and traceability to volumes and quality of production, without adding too significantly to the unit economics of production, whilst being modular and scalable.

Soji is a 2008 Fellow of the Africa Leadership initiative West Africa (of the Aspen Institute, Aspen, Colorado). He is a member of the Free Enterprise and Democracy Network of the Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) USA, and in 2020 he was invited to be a member of the WEF Global Future Council on Transparency and Anti-Corruption.

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