• #IAPH2023
  • 31 October – 2 November 2023 | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sergio Prete

Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea (PNAIS)


Already President and Extraordinary Commissioner of the Taranto Port Authority (from 7.06.2011 to 12.07.201 and from 13.07.2015 to 07.11.2016) and of the PNAIS (from 10.11.2016 to 09.11.2020 and from 10.11.2020 to 13.01.2021). Since 2012, Extraordinary Commissioner of the Port of Taranto for the implementation of the infrastructural adaptation and expansion projects. From 2013 to 2015 Vice President of the Italian Ports Association (Assoporti). From 2014 to 2016 President of the Apulian Ports Association.

Contract Professor of Navigation Law and Port management at the University of Bari. Lecturer and speaker in masters, conferences and seminars, also at international level, in the field of port and maritime, transport and logistics Law. Author of three monographs and numerous legal articles and case notes published in the leading Italian and foreign maritime magazines. Member of the "Expert Committee" of the Shanghai International Shipping Institute having performed also research and teaching activities. 

Sessions With Sergio Prete

Thursday, 2 November

  • 09:45am - 10:30am (GST) / 02/nov/2023 05:45 am - 02/nov/2023 06:30 am

    Panel: New Business Models and Governance Configurations for Port Authorities

    The World Bank is in the process of reforming its well-known Port Reform Toolkit, which has been used by countries and their ports to establish what is now seen as the standard private-public concessioning model of a landlord port. Since then, energy transition, accelerated digitalization and the need for greater resilience to shocks as well as port community demands for port authorities to act as community builders challenge that model. In this session delegates will get an insight into the new World Bank Port Reform Toolkit in the making and how this will support future-proof port governance in practice.