Ronnie West

IHS Markit

Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer

Ronnie West is executive vice president and chief people officer at IHS Markit, responsible for the company's human resources function.

Ronnie previously served as chief people officer at Ipreo, a private-equity owned company that was acquired by IHS Markit in 2018. In his formative years at Unilever and Barclays, Ronnie interacted with multiple brands and business models, and focused heavily on people as a strategy to deliver sustainable, long-term growth.

Ronnie holds a BSc (Hons) from Leicester University and a postgraduate diploma in Human Resource Management. He has been named several times in the top 100 OUTstanding Business Executive List as well as the Top 50 Advocates for Ethnic Minorities.

Sessions With Ronnie West

Thursday, 24 June

  • 03:20pm - 03:50pm (CET) / 24/jun/2021 01:20 pm - 24/jun/2021 01:50 pm

    Business Innovation

    Port Leaders of the Future


    Port Authority senior posts have traditionally filled by a mixture of politicians, engineers and maritime officers with merchant and naval seafaring backgrounds. The transformation of ports from landlords to critical hubs in the end-to end supply chain of raw materials, semi and fully manufactured as well as consumable goods requires a new profile of senior port executive. What sort of profiles will be needed to ensure success ?