Pascal Ollivier

IAPH / Maritime Street

Chair Data Collaboration Committee / President

Pascal Ollivier is the President of Maritime Street, a digital trade logistics strategic advisory and expert services firm dedicated to governments and technology solution providers to  shape the future of Maritime Trade.

He is a world-renowned Port Community System expert and has a track record of information technology expertise spanning 30 years and of managing worldwide operations and relations with governments in 80 countries.

Pascal is also the Chairman of the International Association on Port & Harbors (IAPH) Data Collaboration Committee and was the founding Chairman of the International Port Community Association (IPCSA) as well as IPCSA Chairman of the research committee leading the PCS 2030 Vision project.

Pascal graduated from the French Institute for Higher National Defense Studies in Maritime issues and strategies, holds an MSc in Economics from Paris Dauphine University, and an MBA in International Business from the European University of America, San Francisco.

Sessions With Pascal Ollivier

Tuesday, 22 June

  • 03:15pm - 04:15pm (CET) / 22/jun/2021 01:15 pm - 22/jun/2021 02:15 pm

    Data Collaboration

    Demystifying Data Collaboration


    The results of the recent IMO FAL survey of world ports made one thing clear - the technology is not the issue when its comes to data collaboration - it is the willingness of stakeholders to collaborate and the existence of legal frameworks to enable interoperability. In this session, obtain clarity on just what data collaboration entails - not in bites and bits, but from a stakeholder perspective

Friday, 25 June

  • 03:55pm - 04:40pm (CET) / 25/jun/2021 01:55 pm - 25/jun/2021 02:40 pm


    IAPH Technical - Ten Ways to Make your Port Cyberproof


    With many recent high-profile cyberattacks on numerous ports and their communities, how can ports become more proactive rather than reactive to this ever-increasing threat to business continuity? In this session, you will obtain insight into best practices by some of the world's most advanced and secure ports ahead of the publishing of the IAPH cyber security guideline for ports being prepared for IMO consultation at their Maritime Security Committee