Nick Chubb


Founder & Managing Director

Nick Chubb MNI is the Founder of maritime innovation consultancy Thetius. He spends his time supporting clients in the shipping industry who want to understand and leverage emerging technologies to prepare for the future. Thetius offers a range of services including market research, software development, and talent management.

Nick started his career by going to sea as a deck officer in the merchant navy before moving into maritime technology when he came ashore. He has previously held senior commercial positions in several organizations, overseeing the launch of new digital products and services. He was Head of Growth at Intelligent Cargo Systems, the startup behind the CargoMate port call optimization system. He also led the development of the digital education platform Learn@Sea on behalf of the Marine Society. Within a year of launching, the platform had delivered career-enhancing education to more than 10,000 seafarers in more than 20 countries.

Outside of work, Nick is an accomplished ultra-endurance athlete, having completed a 300-mile solo trek across the Arabian Peninsula and the notorious Marathon des Sables; a 156-mile ultra-marathon across the Sahara Desert billed as “the toughest foot-race on earth”.

Sessions With Nick Chubb

Monday, 21 June

  • 02:25pm - 02:55pm (CET) / 21/jun/2021 12:25 pm - 21/jun/2021 12:55 pm

    Business Innovation

    Small and Smart: How the World’s Small and Mid-sized Ports can Leverage the Best of New Technology


    The smart port agenda has grown exponentially in recent years. Major hubs such as Singapore, Hamburg, and Los Angeles have embraced the use of digital tools to continuously improve operations and invested heavily in everything from cyber resilience to digital twins. But when it comes to digitalization, the majority of the world’s ports are often overlooked. Small and midsize ports make up the backbone of the global maritime economy. These ports are more focused on enabling flexible, resilient, and specialist supply chains for a variety of cargo types and not ever-increasing container volumes. Though the headlines often focus on technologies for major ports, there is a quiet transformation going on in the world’s small ports.

    In this session, we will bring together a small panel of experts to understand the emerging technology landscape for small and mid-sized ports including:

    1) What new digital solutions are being adopted in the small and mid-sized ports sector and what impact are they having?

    2) How can small and mid-sized ports work together to support innovation and R&D that meets their needs?

    3) How should technology providers approach working with ports that are at different stages on their digitalization journey?