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  • 31 October – 2 November 2023 | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Mike Mundy

Port Strategy

Editor and Publisher

Michael Mundy has over 30 years’ experience of working in the ports and shipping sector on a global basis. He is Editorial Director of the leading industry magazine Port Strategy and is generally well known as an industry sector journalist and commentator.

He combines his industry reporting activities with providing consultancy for public and private sector organisations around the world.

His consultancy work in the ports sector has mainly been in the areas of port concessions – privatisations and resales -market analysis, tariff regimes, trade analysis, market appraisals, logistics/value added activities, due diligence studies and institutional reform projects.

Projects are undertaken on a fully international basis spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

Sessions With Mike Mundy

Tuesday, 31 October

Wednesday, 1 November