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Max Bobys


Vice-President and Practice Leader

Mr. Bobys leads HudsonCyber, which specializes in cybersecurity advisory, assessment, risk management, threat intelligence, and training solutions tailored to the global maritime industry. He draws on over 25 years of experience with technology startups, enterprise risk management, business transformation, and new product development, spanning cybersecurity and integrated security systems. He architected and leads the delivery of HudsonCyber’s innovative decision-support platforms PortLogix, HACyberLogix, and CyberHelm. Prior to joining Hudson Mr. Bobys served in a variety of executive positions at Civitas Strategy Group, BAE Systems, Stanley, and Ciber. Organizations he has supported include various US Government agencies, ENISA, the MTS-ISAC, the Organization of American States Inter-American Committee on Ports, the Nautical Institute, Chatham House, and NATO. He currently serves on the International Association of Ports and Harbors’ recently organized Data Collaboration Committee and the Delaware Bay Area Maritime Security Committee’s Cybersecurity Sub-Committee.  

Sessions With Max Bobys

Tuesday, 17 May