Julian Oggel



Having previously worked as a maritime lawyer since graduation from university in 1994, Julian Oggel changed career in 2009. Since then he has been combining a job as the CEO of an investment firm in Rotterdam with various responsibilities within the Multraship group in Terneuzen, since long active in harbour towage services. That group also applied its experience to initiate Novatug BV, a company that has developed innovative towage technology to address the current issues in shipping, especially involving the environment, safety and the worldwide disconnect between the original design parameters of physical (port) infrastructure and the current size of container ships that has vastly outgrown that traditional set-up. Julian Oggel is (also) Novatug’s managing director.

Sessions With Julian Oggel

Monday, 21 June

  • 01:35pm - 02:20pm (CET) / 21/jun/2021 11:35 am - 21/jun/2021 12:20 pm

    The Century of Africa

    Making Nautical Operations in Ports Cyber-Proof and Risk Resilient


    The blocking of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal has once again illustrated how vulnerable global supply chains are and how one local incident can have a full-scale ‘butterfly effect. Cybercrime brings unexpected dimensions to this vulnerability. In this session, we will discuss a recent maritime cybercase with an unexpected Ocean's Eleven-like plot. We will explore how nautical port services like dredging and towage are cyber-proofing themselves to ensure secure operations and avoid local incidents having potentially worldwide implications.