Joke Van Vugt


Director Corporate SHE-Q

Joke van Vugt is the director for SHE-Q of the Boskalis Group, representing SHE-Q for all activities in dredging, offshore energy, towage and salvage. High standards, trainings and certificates are regular requirements in maritime projects and services global wide. She previously served as an engineer, maintenance and operations manager in industries like aerostructures, oil & gas and food.

In her capacity as Director Corporate SHE-Q at Boskalis, Joke is responsible for the development and execution of the organization’s approach to a safe, healthy and environmental friendly work place with high quality standards for all stakeholders. These are designed to support the broad international business that Boskalis is undertaking.

Under her leadership, SHE-Q at Boskalis and its members are paving the way in creating an intrinsic cultural approach in SHE-Q to apply responsible business practices, significantly increasing the industry’s SHE-Q standards to create value for its industry and partners.

She is a member of the Safety Committee of the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC). She is an ambassador to stimulate young women in technical studies.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Astronomy from Leiden University and has an MBA in Science based Business. She holds numerous certificates in coaching, training, psychology and group dynamical systemic interventions.

Sessions With Joke Van Vugt

Monday, 21 June

  • 01:35pm - 02:20pm (CET) / 21/jun/2021 11:35 am - 21/jun/2021 12:20 pm

    The Century of Africa

    Making Nautical Operations in Ports Cyber-Proof and Risk Resilient


    The blocking of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal has once again illustrated how vulnerable global supply chains are and how one local incident can have a full-scale ‘butterfly effect. Cybercrime brings unexpected dimensions to this vulnerability. In this session, we will discuss a recent maritime cybercase with an unexpected Ocean's Eleven-like plot. We will explore how nautical port services like dredging and towage are cyber-proofing themselves to ensure secure operations and avoid local incidents having potentially worldwide implications.