Jingtao Bai

China Merchants Port Group


Professor Level Senior Engineer graduated from Department of Water Conservancy of Tianjin University and obtained bachelor’s degree in port and waterway engineering. Later obtained a master’s degree in management science and engineering at the Graduate School of Wuhan University of Technology, and a doctor’s degree in transportation planning and management at the Graduate School of Shanghai Maritime University.

Bai Jingtao has successively held different key posts of Engineering Management and Infrastructure Management of the Ministry of Communications.

And other top management and director roles in China Merchants Zhangzhou Development Zone Co., Ltd, Xiamen Port Authority, China Merchants Zhangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Liaoning Port Group Co., Ltd.

Bai Jingtao has been being the Director of the Company since September 2017 and the Director and CEO of the Company since December 2018, and has been being the Vice Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Company since April 2020.


Monday, 21 June

  • 11:50am - 12:20pm (CET) / 21/jun/2021 09:50 am - 21/jun/2021 10:20 am

    Data Collaboration

  • 04:40pm - 05:25pm (CET) / 21/jun/2021 02:40 pm - 21/jun/2021 03:25 pm

    Business Innovation

    Changing of the Guard


    With a new US administration, a new EU "Green Deal" and Asia powering ahead post-pandemic with much of the developing world still struggling, a changing of the guard is upon us. With the shipping and ports sector under immense pressure to decarbonize and reduce emisssions, outlier charterers, shipowners and carriers are taking matters into their own hands. The COVID19 pandemic has disrupted the global maritime and logistics supply chain, accelerating the industry's path towards digitalization at a rate never imagined by the industry. Following COVID19 and two financial crises already this century, ports are being forced to look at how to ensure business continuity during future disruptive events. In this session, learn how maritime industry leaders are adapting their organizations to a new and uncertain future.