Jacques Vandermeiren

Port of Antwerp


Jacques Vandermeiren is the current CEO of the Antwerp Port Authority (from January 2017). Before joining the Port Authority he was active at Elia, the network operator and listed company, where he various management positions since joining it in 2001 and became CEO in 2012.

Vandermeiren has occupied various directorships with among others Febeg (Federation of Belgian Energy Companies) and the Federation of Belgian Enterprises. He is currently an active board member of the data platform NxtPort, Kunsthuis Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, and the Belgian coffee brand Vascobelo. He is also co-founder and since May 2018 Chairman, of the Belgian sustainability platform The Shift, as well as co-investor in Qpinch, which generates energy from waste heat.

Vandermeiren graduated with a Master of Laws, a qualification which he later supplemented with a master's in European Studies, a middle management course with Vlerick Business School, and an “advanced management Program INSEAD”. He is married to Barbara Baeckelmans, with whom he has three children. He lives in Antwerp. 

Sessions With Jacques Vandermeiren

Monday, 21 June

Tuesday, 22 June

  • 10:10am - 10:55am (CET) / 22/jun/2021 08:10 am - 22/jun/2021 08:55 am

    Climate and Energy

    Ports as Energy Transition Hubs


    Ports are transforming rapidly, with many transforming into vibrant physical and digital hubs of economic activity. With this change, sustainable energy generation is becoming key, not only for ports themselves but also to close regional circular economic loops. Ports are looking at waste and energy reuse, replacing hydrocarbons with renewable sources to power newly-electrified terminal operations for cargo and passengers. How can public and private sector interests in port communities achieve such a successful energy transition ?

Wednesday, 23 June

  • 04:45pm - 05:30pm (CET) / 23/jun/2021 02:45 pm - 23/jun/2021 03:30 pm

    Business Innovation

    The Essential Evolution of Container Shipping & Logistics


    While COVID-19 has brought some companies and industries to a standstill, container shipping & logistics has prevailed as an absolutely essential sector that continues to connect the world and make global trade affordable. In his keynote, MSC CEO Soren Toft will give a fresh perspective on the agenda priorities for the sector to ensure it keeps on evolving to meet the needs of global trade in a digitalizing and decarbonizing landscape. He will then discuss these themes with Port of Antwerp CEO Jacques Vandermeiren and specifically how shipping and ports can collaborate in keeping pace with these trends.

Thursday, 24 June

Friday, 25 June