Erwin Verstraelen

Port of Antwerp

Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

In November 2017, Erwin Verstraelen became Chief Digital and innovation officer of the Port of Antwerp, a new position in the executive committee. It was a clear indication of the strategic focus the port wants to give to digitalization. Based on previous roles in other companies, he has a strong background in strategic IT thinking and in-depth transformation of an organization driven by Information technology. His current team at the port of Antwerp drives the injection of new and existing IT capabilities to enable the realization of the five strategic goals. Furthermore, the port has to become an innovation platform to enable partners and stakeholders towards joint initiatives that enable the local ecosystem. What characterizes Erwin can be summarized by the following self-made quote: In life, there are problems, challenges, and opportunities. That’s actually three times the same thing, only the mindset is different.

Sessions With Erwin Verstraelen

Thursday, 24 June

  • 11:50am - 12:20pm (CET) / 24/jun/2021 09:50 am - 24/jun/2021 10:20 am

    Data Collaboration

    Accelerating Data Collaboration


    With the recent agreement between private and public sector organization to establish standardized industry data sets and application program interfaces (APIs) at the ISO Technical Committee 8, how realistic is the possibility that existing and future nautical and supply chains systems will be able to communicate easily with each other? Will accelerating data collaboration be achieved by consensus despite political and commercial conflicts of interest between stakeholders? Or will regulators need to enforce standards to avoid ships having to use different data sets for every port of call?