Chronis Kapalidis

HudsonAnalytix, UK

Senior Manager, Training & Advisory Services

Chronis Kapalidis is a Senior Manager, Training and Advisory Services for HudsonAnalytix, promoting the company’s synergies on issues related to security, both physical and cyber. He is also an Associate Lecturer and doctoral researcher at the University of Warwick, where he teaches cybersecurity. Before joining HudsonAnalytix, Chronis was a Navy Officer at the Hellenic Navy for 15 years, specialising on Network, Information Security and Analysis, Threat Intelligence and Maritime Operations. Chronis is also an Academy Associate at the International Security Department, Chatham House and a Course Leader for Lloyd’s Maritime Academy. He stands as Visiting Research Fellow at the Dartmouth Centre for Seapower and Strategy at Plymouth University, and as a board member in several academic and scientific bodies.

Sessions With Chronis Kapalidis

Monday, 21 June

  • 01:35pm - 02:20pm (CET) / 21/jun/2021 11:35 am - 21/jun/2021 12:20 pm

    The Century of Africa

    Making Nautical Operations in Ports Cyber-Proof and Risk Resilient


    The blocking of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal has once again illustrated how vulnerable global supply chains are and how one local incident can have a full-scale ‘butterfly effect. Cybercrime brings unexpected dimensions to this vulnerability. In this session, we will discuss a recent maritime cybercase with an unexpected Ocean's Eleven-like plot. We will explore how nautical port services like dredging and towage are cyber-proofing themselves to ensure secure operations and avoid local incidents having potentially worldwide implications.