Cees Boon

Port of Rotterdam

Safety Advisor at Harbour Master

Cees Boon started his career with the Port of Rotterdam Port Authority in 1983 as an inspector for dangerous and noxious goods for the Division Harbour Master. He has ample experience in this field and hands-on experience. At present, he is an alternative fuel safety expert of the Harbourmaster Policy Department and advisor of the (State) Harbour Master of Rotterdam.

He has been involved in LNG developments in the Port of Rotterdam and is responsible for the safety framework and rules for the LNG bunkering in the port for seagoing and inland vessels. He also contributed to the development of the EMSA Guidance on LNG Bunkering Guideline

Nowadays Cees is involved in the Energy Transition program of the port of Rotterdam with the task to establish, in addition to LNG, an internationally accepted harmonized safety framework and guidelines for (STS) bunkering of all the new energy carriers like Methanol, (Liquid) Hydrogen, Ammonia and electrical power for propulsion.

For this purpose he is working closely with other (port) authorities, international regulatory authorities, branch organizations and shipping companies. Cees is an active member of workgroups within the IAPH/CMF, SGMF, INTERTANKO, IMO-GIA, CEN, WPCAP, and IBIA and is in many international programs to establish new fuel bunker infrastructure.

Sessions With Cees Boon

Wednesday, 1 November

  • 11:45am - 12:30pm (GST) / 01/nov/2023 07:45 am - 01/nov/2023 08:30 am

    Port Readiness Levels for Clean Marine Fuel Bunkering

    In a project initiated by the IAPH Clean Marine Fuels Working Group, the mantle was taken by the World Ports Climate Action Program (WPCAP) network to jointly create a practical port readiness tool. The aim is for ports to assess their overall readiness level in handling and managing new zero and low carbon marine fuels for the new generation of dual fuel ships calling at their terminals. This session will provide delegates with an overview of that tool and how to deploy it at their port.