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  • Søren Toft

    MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Søren Toft","MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company","Chief Executive Officer","Main Speaker"]
  • Julian Abril Garcia


    Head Facilitation Section, Maritime Safety Division

    ["Julian Abril Garcia","IMO","Head Facilitation Section, Maritime Safety Division","Main Speaker"]
  • Maha Al Qattan

    DP World

    Chief People Officer

    ["Maha Al Qattan","DP World","Chief People Officer","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Scheduled"]
  • Hadiza Bala Usman

    Nigerian Ports Authority / IAPH

    Managing Director / Vice-President

    ["Hadiza Bala Usman","Nigerian Ports Authority / IAPH","Managing Director / Vice-President","Main Speaker"]
  • Maria Bos

    Plug Shore Power

    Managing Director

    ["Maria Bos","Plug Shore Power","Managing Director","Main Speaker"]
  • Johny Breivik

    Port of Bergen

    Port Director

    ["Johny Breivik","Port of Bergen","Port Director","Main Speaker"]
  • Paul Butterworth

    Odgers Berndtson

    Partner, Head of Maritime & Shipping Practice

    ["Paul Butterworth","Odgers Berndtson","Partner, Head of Maritime & Shipping Practice","Main Speaker"]
  • Sabrina Chao



    ["Sabrina Chao","BIMCO","President-Designate","Main Speaker"]
  • Stephen Cotton


    General Secretary

    ["Stephen Cotton","ITF","General Secretary","Main Speaker"]
  • Rolf Habben Jansen



    ["Rolf Habben Jansen","Hapag-Lloyd","CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Martin Humphreys

    World Bank

    Lead Transport Economist

    ["Martin Humphreys","World Bank","Lead Transport Economist","Main Speaker"]
  • Erik Jakobson


    Partner and Chairman

    ["Erik Jakobson","Menon","Partner and Chairman","Main Speaker"]
  • Captain Subramaniam Karuppiah



    ["Captain Subramaniam Karuppiah","IAPH","President-Elect","Main Speaker"]
  • Jens Meier

    Hamburg Port Authority (HPA)


    ["Jens Meier","Hamburg Port Authority (HPA)","CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Santiago Garcia Milà

    Autoritat Portuaria de Barcelona

    Deputy Director General

    ["Santiago Garcia Milà","Autoritat Portuaria de Barcelona","Deputy Director General","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Fireside Chats"]
  • Turloch Mooney

    IHS Markit

    Associate Director, Maritime & Trade

    ["Turloch Mooney","IHS Markit","Associate Director, Maritime & Trade","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Scheduled"]
  • Cecilia Müller Torbrand

    Maritime Anti-Corruption Network

    Executive Director

    ["Cecilia Müller Torbrand","Maritime Anti-Corruption Network","Executive Director","Main Speaker"]
  • Theo Notteboom

    Ghent University / Shanghai Maritime University / University of Antwerp


    ["Theo Notteboom","Ghent University / Shanghai Maritime University / University of Antwerp","Professor","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Scheduled"]
  • Pascal Ollivier

    IAPH / Maritime Street

    Chair Data Collaboration Committee / President

    ["Pascal Ollivier","IAPH / Maritime Street","Chair Data Collaboration Committee / President","Main Speaker"]
  • Katharine Palmer

    Lloyd's Register Marine & Offshore

    Global Head of Sustainability

    ["Katharine Palmer","Lloyd's Register Marine & Offshore","Global Head of Sustainability","Main Speaker"]
  • Franc Pigna

    Aegir Port Property Advisors

    Managing Director

    ["Franc Pigna","Aegir Port Property Advisors","Managing Director","Main Speaker"]
  • Gene Seroka

    Port of Los Angeles

    Executive Director

    ["Gene Seroka","Port of Los Angeles","Executive Director","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Fireside Chats"]
  • Peter Tirschwell

    IHS Markit

    Vice President, Maritime & Trade

    ["Peter Tirschwell","IHS Markit","Vice President, Maritime & Trade","Main Speaker"]
  • Jacques Vandermeiren

    Port of Antwerp


    ["Jacques Vandermeiren","Port of Antwerp","CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Patrick Verhoeven

    International Association of Ports and Harbors

    Managing Director

    ["Patrick Verhoeven","International Association of Ports and Harbors","Managing Director","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Scheduled"]
  • Amos Wangora

    Kenya Trade Network Agency (Kentrade) / Alliance Africaine pour le Commerce Electronique (AACE)

    CEO / Chairman

    ["Amos Wangora","Kenya Trade Network Agency (Kentrade) / Alliance Africaine pour le Commerce Electronique (AACE)","CEO / Chairman","Main Speaker"]
  • Phantian Zuesongdham

    Hamburg Port Authority

    Head of Division Port Process Solution

    ["Phantian Zuesongdham","Hamburg Port Authority","Head of Division Port Process Solution","Main Speaker"]
  • Daniel Yergin

    IHS Markit

    Vice Chairman

    ["Daniel Yergin","IHS Markit","Vice Chairman","Keynote"]
  • Kelly Craighead


    President and CEO

    ["Kelly Craighead","CLIA","President and CEO","Pre Recorded Scheduled"]
  • Kitack Lim


    Secretary General

    ["Kitack Lim","IMO","Secretary General","Live Round Up without audience"]
  • John Darwin

    Nuffield College, Oxford


    ["John Darwin","Nuffield College, Oxford","Professor"]
  • Tan Chong Meng

    PSA International Pte Ltd

    Group Chief Executive Officer

    ["Tan Chong Meng","PSA International Pte Ltd","Group Chief Executive Officer"]
  • Kunio Mikuriya

    World Customs Organization

    Secretary General

    ["Kunio Mikuriya","World Customs Organization","Secretary General"]