Port of Antwerp launches executive sustainability course

A special one-day learning event on sustainable port development will take place ahead of the 2020 IAPH World Ports Conference in Antwerp.

The Port of Antwerp is the Host Sponsor for the 2020 IAPH World Ports Conference

The course will be held on Monday 16 March at the Port of Antwerp’s port training centre APEC, and offers the perfect opportunity for port executives to learn and share experiences around sustainability before the Tuesday 16 March opening of the full 2020 IAPH World Ports Conference.

This course is designed for executives, leaders and decision makers in port environments and will offer an exclusive platform to discuss and share experiences around sustainable port development.

The Port of Antwerp is the Host Sponsor for the 2020 IAPH World Ports Conference, and is committed to the integration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in its daily activities, supporting every opportunity to exchange best practices in order to improve globally the sustainable development of port environments. This special learning event will offer a hands-on and practical approach to integrate the UN SDGs into port development.

The program is in line with the aim of the World Ports Sustainability Program, to demonstrate global leadership of ports in contributing to the UN SDGs and is supported by IAPH. The executive course offers a practical approach on how to get started with the UN SDGs in a port environment, how to create focus in the different possibilities of the UN SDGs and how to integrate this in your port strategy in a hands-on way.

Attendees will gain unique insights through the presentation of cases in ports in full development, as well as an onsite presentation of world-leading cases in and around the Port of Antwerp. The interactive exchange of knowledge on the development of a UN SDG roadmap in a port environment will give attendees the ideal introduction to the World Ports Conference.

Full information on the course can be found on the APEC website where you can also register. Please note that participation is not included in the World Ports Conference registration.

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