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  • 31 October – 2 November 2023 | Abu Dhabi, UAE
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  • Sheraer Abrahams

    IHS Markit

    Senior Event Manager

    ["Sheraer Abrahams","IHS Markit","Senior Event Manager"]
  • Julian Abril Garcia


    Head Facilitation Section, Maritime Safety Division

    ["Julian Abril Garcia","IMO","Head Facilitation Section, Maritime Safety Division","Main Speaker"]
  • Noura Al Dhaheri

    MAQTA Gateway - Abu Dhabi Ports


    ["Noura Al Dhaheri","MAQTA Gateway - Abu Dhabi Ports","CEO","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Scheduled"]
  • Abdullah Humaid Al Hameli

    Abu Dhabi Ports

    Head - Industrial Cities & Free Zone – Abu Dhabi Ports & Chief Executive Officer – Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi

    ["Abdullah Humaid Al Hameli","Abu Dhabi Ports","Head - Industrial Cities & Free Zone – Abu Dhabi Ports & Chief Executive Officer – Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi"]
  • Knut Alicke

    McKinsey & Company


    ["Knut Alicke","McKinsey & Company","Partner"]
  • Peter Alkema

    IAPH Clean Marine Fuels Working Group / Port of Amsterdam

    Chair / Harbour Masters' Division

    ["Peter Alkema","IAPH Clean Marine Fuels Working Group / Port of Amsterdam","Chair / Harbour Masters' Division"]
  • Soji Apampa

    The Integrity Organisation (Ltd.) (Gte.)


    ["Soji Apampa","The Integrity Organisation (Ltd.) (Gte.)","Co-Founder"]
  • Luc Arnouts

    Port of Antwerp

    Director International Relations and Networks

    ["Luc Arnouts","Port of Antwerp","Director International Relations and Networks"]
  • Ibrahama Badji

    Port of Dakar

    High Commander

    ["Ibrahama Badji","Port of Dakar","High Commander"]
  • Charlie Ball

    Holland America Group

    Executive Vice-President Land Operations

    ["Charlie Ball","Holland America Group","Executive Vice-President Land Operations"]
  • Dr. Nariman Behravesh

    IHS Markit

    Former Chief Economist

    ["Dr. Nariman Behravesh","IHS Markit","Former Chief Economist"]
  • Ahmed Bennis

    African Economic Zones Organisation

    Secretary General

    ["Ahmed Bennis","African Economic Zones Organisation","Secretary General"]
  • Chris Bhatt


    Head of Sales, Global Marine & Global Broking Centre (GBC))

    ["Chris Bhatt","Aon","Head of Sales, Global Marine & Global Broking Centre (GBC))"]
  • Max Bobys


    Vice-President and Practice Leader

    ["Max Bobys","HudsonCyber","Vice-President and Practice Leader","Main Speaker"]
  • Maria Bos

    Plug Shore Power


    ["Maria Bos","Plug Shore Power","CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Guillermo Bouroncle Calixto

    National Port Authority of Perú

    General Manager

    ["Guillermo Bouroncle Calixto","National Port Authority of Perú","General Manager"]
  • Paul Butterworth

    Odgers Berndtson

    Partner, Head of Maritime & Shipping Practice

    ["Paul Butterworth","Odgers Berndtson","Partner, Head of Maritime & Shipping Practice","Main Speaker"]
  • Marika Calfas

    NSW Ports

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Marika Calfas","NSW Ports","Chief Executive Officer"]
  • Steve Cameron

    Cameron Maritime Resources (CMR)

    Managing Director

    ["Steve Cameron","Cameron Maritime Resources (CMR)","Managing Director"]
  • Allard Castelein

    Port of Rotterdam Authority


    ["Allard Castelein","Port of Rotterdam Authority","CEO"]
  • Sabrina Chao



    ["Sabrina Chao","BIMCO","President","Main Speaker"]
  • Nick Chubb


    Founder & Managing Director

    ["Nick Chubb","Thetius","Founder & Managing Director"]
  • Stephen Cotton


    General Secretary

    ["Stephen Cotton","ITF","General Secretary","Main Speaker"]
  • Kelly Craighead


    President and CEO

    ["Kelly Craighead","CLIA","President and CEO","Pre Recorded Scheduled"]
  • Jonathan Daniels

    Port Everglades

    Chief Executive/Port Director

    ["Jonathan Daniels","Port Everglades","Chief Executive/Port Director"]
  • Luis de Carvalho

    Bermello Ajamil & Partners (B&A) Europe


    ["Luis de Carvalho","Bermello Ajamil & Partners (B&A) Europe","CEO"]
  • Annick De Ridder

    Port of Antwerp


    ["Annick De Ridder","Port of Antwerp","President"]
  • Bart De Wever

    City of Antwerp


    ["Bart De Wever","City of Antwerp","Mayor"]
  • Geert De Wilde

    NxtPort International

    Chief Operating Officer

    ["Geert De Wilde","NxtPort International","Chief Operating Officer","Main Speaker"]
  • Tarik Dourrasse

    Tanger Med Port

    Pilot Major

    ["Tarik Dourrasse","Tanger Med Port","Pilot Major"]
  • Rory Doyle

    Transport Events Management SB

    Managing Director

    ["Rory Doyle","Transport Events Management SB","Managing Director"]
  • Christiana Figueres

    Global Optimism


    ["Christiana Figueres","Global Optimism","Co-Founder"]
  • David Foo

    Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

    Assistant Chief Executive (Ops-Tech)

    ["David Foo","Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore","Assistant Chief Executive (Ops-Tech)"]
  • Andrew Gillespie

    Ansell Healthcare Products

    Director Global Logistics

    ["Andrew Gillespie","Ansell Healthcare Products","Director Global Logistics"]
  • Mario Girard

    Québec Port Authority

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    ["Mario Girard","Québec Port Authority","President and Chief Executive Officer"]
  • Rolf Habben Jansen



    ["Rolf Habben Jansen","Hapag-Lloyd","CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Dr. Noel Hacegaba

    Port of Long Beach

    Deputy Executive Director/COO

    ["Dr. Noel Hacegaba","Port of Long Beach","Deputy Executive Director/COO"]
  • Heidi Heseltine

    Halcyon Recruitment / Diversity Study Group

    CEO / Co-Founder

    ["Heidi Heseltine","Halcyon Recruitment / Diversity Study Group","CEO / Co-Founder","Main Speaker"]
  • Jan Hoffmann


    Head, Trade Logistics Branch, Division on Technology and Logistics

    ["Jan Hoffmann","UNCTAD","Head, Trade Logistics Branch, Division on Technology and Logistics","Main Speaker"]
  • Rachid Houari

    Tanger Med Port

    Central Director Tanger Med Port 1&2 / General Manager of the Logistics Zone “Medhub”

    ["Rachid Houari","Tanger Med Port","Central Director Tanger Med Port 1&2 / General Manager of the Logistics Zone “Medhub”"]
  • Martin Humphreys

    World Bank

    Lead Transport Economist

    ["Martin Humphreys","World Bank","Lead Transport Economist","Main Speaker"]
  • Erik Jakobson


    Partner and Chairman

    ["Erik Jakobson","Menon","Partner and Chairman","Main Speaker"]
  • Ousmane M Jobarteh

    Gambia Ports Authority

    Managing Director

    ["Ousmane M Jobarteh","Gambia Ports Authority","Managing Director"]
  • Eric Johnson

    S&P Global

    Director/Senior Technology Editor, JOC

    ["Eric Johnson","S&P Global","Director/Senior Technology Editor, JOC"]
  • Lance Kaneshiro

    Port of Los Angeles

    Chief Information Officer

    ["Lance Kaneshiro","Port of Los Angeles","Chief Information Officer","Main Speaker"]
  • Chronis Kapalidis

    HudsonAnalytix, UK

    Senior Manager, Training & Advisory Services

    ["Chronis Kapalidis","HudsonAnalytix, UK","Senior Manager, Training & Advisory Services"]
  • Captain K. Subramaniam Karuppiah

    Port Klang Authority

    General Manager

    ["Captain K. Subramaniam Karuppiah","Port Klang Authority","General Manager","Main Speaker"]
  • Joris Kersten

    NxtPort USA

    General Manager

    ["Joris Kersten","NxtPort USA","General Manager"]
  • Greg Knowler

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, Europe-The Journal of Commerce

    ["Greg Knowler","S&P Global","Senior Editor, Europe-The Journal of Commerce"]
  • René Kolman

    IADC (Moderator)

    Secretary General

    ["René Kolman","IADC (Moderator)","Secretary General"]
  • Yaya Konaté

    Port Autonome de San Pedro

    Head of Economic Studies, Development and Cooperation Department

    ["Yaya Konaté","Port Autonome de San Pedro","Head of Economic Studies, Development and Cooperation Department"]
  • Eranda Kotelawala

    Solomon Islands Ports Authority

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Eranda Kotelawala","Solomon Islands Ports Authority","Chief Executive Officer","Main Speaker"]
  • Sakura Kuma

    APM Terminals Japan


    ["Sakura Kuma","APM Terminals Japan","CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Michael LaFleur

    Port of San Diego

    Vice President, Maritime

    ["Michael LaFleur","Port of San Diego","Vice President, Maritime"]
  • Dimitri Laureys

    Port of Antwerp

    Business Analyst

    ["Dimitri Laureys","Port of Antwerp","Business Analyst"]
  • Mmutle Lentle

    Port Management Association of South and East Africa / Transnet National Ports Authority

    Chairman ICT Committee / Chief Information Officer

    ["Mmutle Lentle","Port Management Association of South and East Africa / Transnet National Ports Authority","Chairman ICT Committee / Chief Information Officer"]
  • Robin Li

    China Merchants Port Holdings


    ["Robin Li","China Merchants Port Holdings","Vice-President","Main Speaker"]
  • Kitack Lim

    International Maritime Organization (IMO)

    Secretary General

    ["Kitack Lim","International Maritime Organization (IMO)","Secretary General","Live Round Up without audience"]
  • Michael Luguje

    Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority/Port Management Association of West and Central Africa

    Director - General/ Chairman

    ["Michael Luguje","Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority/Port Management Association of West and Central Africa","Director - General/ Chairman"]
  • Tessa Major

    Yara International

    Director Bunkering, Port Relationships & Regulations

    ["Tessa Major","Yara International","Director Bunkering, Port Relationships & Regulations","Main Speaker"]
  • Claudia Mariconda

    Port of Antwerp

    Head of Sustainable Transition

    ["Claudia Mariconda","Port of Antwerp","Head of Sustainable Transition","Main Speaker"]
  • Hugo Marynissen

    PM - Risk Crisis Change

    Senior Partner

    ["Hugo Marynissen","PM - Risk Crisis Change","Senior Partner","Main Speaker"]
  • Sandeep Mehta

    Adani Ports and SEZ


    ["Sandeep Mehta","Adani Ports and SEZ","President"]
  • Jens Meier

    Hamburg Port Authority (HPA)

    CEO/ IAPH Vice-President Europe

    ["Jens Meier","Hamburg Port Authority (HPA)","CEO/ IAPH Vice-President Europe","Main Speaker"]
  • Tan Chong Meng

    PSA International Pte Ltd

    Group Chief Executive Officer

    ["Tan Chong Meng","PSA International Pte Ltd","Group Chief Executive Officer"]
  • Kunio Mikuriya

    World Customs Organization


    ["Kunio Mikuriya","World Customs Organization","Secretary-General","Main Speaker"]
  • Santiago Garcia Milà

    International Association of Ports and Harbors


    ["Santiago Garcia Milà","International Association of Ports and Harbors","President","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Fireside Chats"]
  • Edvard Molitor

    IAPH Climate & Energy Committee / Gothenburg Port Authority

    Vice-Chairman / Head of Sustainability

    ["Edvard Molitor","IAPH Climate & Energy Committee / Gothenburg Port Authority","Vice-Chairman / Head of Sustainability","Main Speaker"]
  • Peter Mollema

    Port of Rotterdam

    IAPH Climate and Energy Committee Chair

    ["Peter Mollema","Port of Rotterdam","IAPH Climate and Energy Committee Chair","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Scheduled"]
  • Nils Mollerup

    Port of Bergen

    Commercial Manager

    ["Nils Mollerup","Port of Bergen","Commercial Manager"]
  • Bill Mongelluzzo

    S&P Global

    Senior Editor, West Coast, The Journal of Commerce

    ["Bill Mongelluzzo","S&P Global","Senior Editor, West Coast, The Journal of Commerce"]
  • Turloch Mooney

    S&P Global

    Associate Director, Product Management

    ["Turloch Mooney","S&P Global","Associate Director, Product Management","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Scheduled"]
  • Robin Mortimer

    Port of London Authority

    Chief Executive

    ["Robin Mortimer","Port of London Authority","Chief Executive"]
  • Cecilia Müller Torbrand

    Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN),


    ["Cecilia Müller Torbrand","Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN),","CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Ki-chan Nam

    Busan Port Authority


    ["Ki-chan Nam","Busan Port Authority","President"]
  • Ines Nastali

    S&P Global

    Editor, Ports & Harbors Magazine, Maritime & Trade

    ["Ines Nastali","S&P Global","Editor, Ports & Harbors Magazine, Maritime & Trade","Main Speaker"]
  • Theo Notteboom

    Ghent University / Shanghai Maritime University

    Chair professor / Visiting Professor

    ["Theo Notteboom","Ghent University / Shanghai Maritime University","Chair professor / Visiting Professor","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Scheduled"]
  • Julian Oggel



    ["Julian Oggel","Novatug","Director"]
  • Daniel Olivier

    Port of Montréal

    Director Business Intelligence and Innovation

    ["Daniel Olivier","Port of Montréal","Director Business Intelligence and Innovation"]
  • Pascal Ollivier

    IAPH / Maritime Street

    Chair Data Collaboration Committee / President

    ["Pascal Ollivier","IAPH / Maritime Street","Chair Data Collaboration Committee / President","Main Speaker"]
  • Bernard Osero

    Kenya Ports Authority

    Head of Corporate Affairs

    ["Bernard Osero","Kenya Ports Authority","Head of Corporate Affairs"]
  • Katharine Palmer

    Climate Champions

    Shipping Lead

    ["Katharine Palmer","Climate Champions","Shipping Lead","Main Speaker"]
  • Michael Parker


    Chairman Global Logistics, Shipping and Offshore

    ["Michael Parker","Citigroup","Chairman Global Logistics, Shipping and Offshore","Main Speaker"]
  • Paulo Piccini

    Integration Consulting

    Senior Director

    ["Paulo Piccini","Integration Consulting","Senior Director"]
  • Franc Pigna

    Aegir Port Property Advisors

    Managing Director and Founder

    ["Franc Pigna","Aegir Port Property Advisors","Managing Director and Founder","Main Speaker"]
  • Flor Pitty

    Autoridad Marítima de Panamá

    Directora General de Puertos e Industrias Maritimas Auxiliares

    ["Flor Pitty","Autoridad Marítima de Panamá","Directora General de Puertos e Industrias Maritimas Auxiliares","Main Speaker"]
  • Cliff Pyron

    Georgia Ports Authority

    Chief Commercial Officer

    ["Cliff Pyron","Georgia Ports Authority","Chief Commercial Officer"]
  • Anton Rhodes

    International Maritime Organization (IMO)

    Project Manager

    ["Anton Rhodes","International Maritime Organization (IMO)","Project Manager"]
  • Rodolphe Saadé


    CEO and Chairman

    ["Rodolphe Saadé","CMA CGM","CEO and Chairman","Main Speaker"]
  • Marjolein Salens

    Port of Antwerp

    Project Coordinator

    ["Marjolein Salens","Port of Antwerp","Project Coordinator"]
  • Barbara Salgado


    Editor de contenidos internacionales

    ["Barbara Salgado","MundoMaritimo","Editor de contenidos internacionales"]
  • Khalid Samir

    Tanger Med Port

    Harbor Master

    ["Khalid Samir","Tanger Med Port","Harbor Master"]
  • Jay Daniel Santiago

    Philippines Port Authority

    General Manager/ IAPH Vice-President Southeast Asia and Oceania

    ["Jay Daniel Santiago","Philippines Port Authority","General Manager/ IAPH Vice-President Southeast Asia and Oceania","Main Speaker"]
  • Amelia Santos Paulino


    Chief, Investment Issues & Analysis Section

    ["Amelia Santos Paulino","UNCTAD","Chief, Investment Issues & Analysis Section"]
  • Alexander Saverys


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Alexander Saverys","CMB","Chief Executive Officer"]
  • Kevin Saville

    IHS Markit

    Associate Managing Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade

    ["Kevin Saville","IHS Markit","Associate Managing Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade","Main Speaker"]
  • Barbara Scheel Agersnap

    Copenhagen Malmö Port


    ["Barbara Scheel Agersnap","Copenhagen Malmö Port","CEO"]
  • Gene Seroka

    Port of Los Angeles

    Executive Director

    ["Gene Seroka","Port of Los Angeles","Executive Director","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Fireside Chats"]
  • Victor Shieh

    International Association of Ports and Harbors

    Communications Director

    ["Victor Shieh","International Association of Ports and Harbors","Communications Director"]
  • Masaharu Shinohara

    IAPH / Kobe-Osaka International Port Corporation

    Vice-President / Executive Officer

    ["Masaharu Shinohara","IAPH / Kobe-Osaka International Port Corporation","Vice-President / Executive Officer","Main Speaker"]
  • Robin Silvester

    Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

    President and CEO

    ["Robin Silvester","Vancouver Fraser Port Authority","President and CEO","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Scheduled"]
  • André Simha


    Global Chief Digital & Information Officer

    ["André Simha","MSC","Global Chief Digital & Information Officer","Main Speaker"]
  • Mark Szakonyi

    S&P Global

    Executive Editor, JOC.com and The Journal of Commerce, Maritime & Trade

    ["Mark Szakonyi","S&P Global","Executive Editor, JOC.com and The Journal of Commerce, Maritime & Trade","Main Speaker"]
  • Mehdi Tazi Riffi

    Tanger Med Port


    ["Mehdi Tazi Riffi","Tanger Med Port","CEO"]
  • Peter Tirschwell

    S&P Global

    Vice President, Maritime & Trade, and Supply Chain

    ["Peter Tirschwell","S&P Global","Vice President, Maritime & Trade, and Supply Chain","Main Speaker"]
  • Søren Toft

    MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Søren Toft","MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company","Chief Executive Officer","Main Speaker"]
  • Eric van der Schans

    IAPH Environmental Ship Index / Port of Rotterdam

    Chairman / Director Environmental Management

    ["Eric van der Schans","IAPH Environmental Ship Index / Port of Rotterdam","Chairman / Director Environmental Management"]
  • Bert van Dijk

    Mercy Ships Belgium


    ["Bert van Dijk","Mercy Ships Belgium","Chairman"]
  • Joke Van Vugt


    Director Corporate SHE-Q

    ["Joke Van Vugt","Boskalis","Director Corporate SHE-Q"]
  • Frans van Zoelen

    IAPH Legal Committee / Port of Rotterdam

    Chair IAPH Legal Committee Special Projects – Head Legal Emeritus Port of Rotterdam Authority

    ["Frans van Zoelen","IAPH Legal Committee / Port of Rotterdam","Chair IAPH Legal Committee Special Projects – Head Legal Emeritus Port of Rotterdam Authority","Main Speaker"]
  • Jacques Vandermeiren

    Port of Antwerp


    ["Jacques Vandermeiren","Port of Antwerp","CEO","Main Speaker"]
  • Niels Vanlaer

    Port of Antwerp

    Business Continuity Manager Operation

    ["Niels Vanlaer","Port of Antwerp","Business Continuity Manager Operation","Main Speaker","Live Round Up without audience"]
  • Francesca Vanthielen

    Kanaal Z.

    Journalist and News Anchor

    ["Francesca Vanthielen","Kanaal Z.","Journalist and News Anchor"]
  • Patrick Verhoeven

    International Association of Ports and Harbors

    Managing Director

    ["Patrick Verhoeven","International Association of Ports and Harbors","Managing Director","Main Speaker","Pre Recorded Scheduled"]
  • Erwin Verstraelen

    Port of Antwerp

    Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

    ["Erwin Verstraelen","Port of Antwerp","Chief Digital & Innovation Officer"]
  • Nico Vertongen

    WeCAPS - Western and Central African Port Security

    Team Leader

    ["Nico Vertongen","WeCAPS - Western and Central African Port Security","Team Leader"]
  • Tony Vuylsteke

    Apostolatus Maris

    PR Officer/Board Member

    ["Tony Vuylsteke","Apostolatus Maris","PR Officer/Board Member"]
  • Julian Walker

    Associated British Ports (ABP)

    Chief Commercial Officer

    ["Julian Walker","Associated British Ports (ABP)","Chief Commercial Officer"]
  • Amos Wangora

    Kenya Trade Network Agency (Kentrade) / Alliance Africaine pour le Commerce Electronique (AACE)

    CEO / Chairman

    ["Amos Wangora","Kenya Trade Network Agency (Kentrade) / Alliance Africaine pour le Commerce Electronique (AACE)","CEO / Chairman","Main Speaker"]
  • Kristof Waterschoot

    Port of Antwerp International

    Managing Director

    ["Kristof Waterschoot","Port of Antwerp International","Managing Director"]
  • Ronnie West

    IHS Markit

    Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer

    ["Ronnie West","IHS Markit","Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer"]
  • Caroline Yang

    Singapore Shipping Association / Hong Lam Marine

    President / Chief Executive

    ["Caroline Yang","Singapore Shipping Association / Hong Lam Marine","President / Chief Executive","Main Speaker"]
  • Daniel Yergin

    IHS Markit

    Vice Chairman

    ["Daniel Yergin","IHS Markit","Vice Chairman","Keynote"]
  • Taleh Ziaydov

    Baku International Sea Trade Port


    ["Taleh Ziaydov","Baku International Sea Trade Port","Director-General"]
  • Phanthian Zuesongdham

    Hamburg Port Authority

    Head of Division Port Process Solution

    ["Phanthian Zuesongdham","Hamburg Port Authority","Head of Division Port Process Solution","Main Speaker"]