• #IAPH2023
  • 31 October – 2 November 2023 | Abu Dhabi, UAE

About IAPH

About the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH)

Founded in 1955, the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) has developed into a global alliance of 169 port authorities as well as 134 port-related businesses. Comprised of 87 different nationalities across the world’s continents, member ports handle approximately one third of the world’s sea-borne trade and well over 60% of the world container traffic. IAPH leads global port industry initiatives on decarbonization and energy transition, risk and resilience management, and accelerating digitalization in the maritime transport chain. Its World Ports Sustainability Program has grown into the reference database of best practices of ports applying the UN Sustainable Development Goals and integrating them into their businesses.

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The IAPH World Ports Conference will take place this year in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on 31 October to 2 November in partnership with S&P Global Market Intelligence. Watch the video below for more information on #IAPH2023.

Benefits of Joining IAPH

  • Insights on and access to providing input on regulatory policy impacting ports
  • Access to the work of and your participation in our Technical Committees, covering strategic focus areas relevant to each and every port in the world: climate and energy, data collaborationandrisk and resilience.
  • Access to the work of our joint call to accelerate digitalization in the maritime transport chain, including our port-focused innovation, automation, World Customs Organization trade facilitation and cybersecurity working Groups.
  • Access to and membership as port incentive provider of the IAPH Environmental Ship Index, the leading global standard measurement index for shipowners aiming to improve energy efficiencies in their fleets to reduce emissions.
  • Access to IAPH reports and collaborative projects in alternative fuel bunkering infrastructure, onshore power, port call optimization and just-in-time arrival of vessels.
  • Access to quarterly IAPH World Ports tracker 
  • Access to the IAPH World Ports Sustainability Program
  • Access to playing the Port Endeavor game
  • Hard copy and online archive access for your colleagues to our industry-leading Ports & Harbors magazine (latest online edition here) as well as our highly informative IAPH Insider bi-weekly newsletter 
  • Your inclusion in our IAPH “who-is-who” world port membership directory and exclusive website backend access to the IAPH Annual Report and IAPH archive.  
  • A special registration fee rate for attending the annual IAPH World Ports Conference.