Steven Hughes
President and CEO, HCS International
HCS International – Representing Global Shippers Group to the Automotive Aftermarket
Representing Global Shippers Group to the Automotive Aftermarket Steven Hughes has been in the automotive aftermarket since 1973, giving him more than 46 years of supply chain experience in the industry. During that time he has worked or consulted for some of the industry's leading companies. Hughes continues to act as a consultant for the automotive aftermarket as a whole as well as to individual companies. Hughes is an active volunteer in the Auto Care Association and California Automotive Wholesalers’ Association, and he is an executive board member of the Foreign Trade Association. He has led three industry coalitions on ADD investigations at the ITC. He served on the Automotive Industry Trade Advisory Committee for the Department of Commerce and Office of the US Trade Representative. He is the lead voice for the automotive industry regarding the ports and ocean transportation, including leading two coalitions at the Federal Maritime Commission against the unfair application of demurrage/detention and PierPass. He is a member of the FMC Supply Chain Innovations Team. Hughes has testified at the FMC petition hearing on demurrage/detention on behalf of the Auto Care Association. He continues to speak on behalf of the industry on this critical issue. In addition, besides being a sought after speaker and panelist, Hughes has coordinated and spoken in webcasts and seminars to the aftermarket industry on various critical shipping issues.