Richard White
Founder and CEO
WiseTech Global
From its inception that began as an idea in his basement in Sydney, Australia, in 1994, Richard White has grown WiseTech Global into a $6 billion global technology company covering 130 countries. In 2016, he listed the company on the Australian Securities Exchange. A self-proclaimed “tech-nerd,” White has more than 30 years of experience in software development, embedded systems, and business management and more than 20 years of freight/logistics industry experience. He has extensive knowledge of logistics operations, cross-border, and supply chain compliance, and a deep technical understanding of e-commerce and global industry and technology issues. White is passionate about improving the world’s supply chains by developing solutions that solve deep industry problems and help better manage the movement of goods and data domestically and internationally. This can be done by enabling logistics providers to execute highly complex logistics transactions and manage their operations. White embraces a philosophy of enablement and empowerment, not disruption. As such, technology is a force for good, improving productivity, connectivity, and resource usage globally. White holds a master’s in business in information technology from the University of Technology Sydney, and was named 2016’s New South Wales Tech Entrepreneur of the Year by the Pearcey Foundation.