Jakob Sadd
International Logistics Manager
Jakob Sadd is an international logistics manager at JBS who graduated in 2010 from Colorado State University with a bachelor of science in business administration and a concentration in organization and innovation management. He focused on supply chain management and entrepreneurship. He joined JBS after graduation and has held various positions in the nine years since. Sadd is currently pursuing an MBA from Colorado State University. JBS is the world’s largest protein producer, offering global customers chicken, beef, and pork products under brand names such as Pilgrim’s, Swift, Blue Ribbon, Aspen Ridge, and La Herencia. They are the largest beef producer, the second-largest pork producer, and the second-largest poultry producer in the US. They exported more than 65,000 FEU in 2017 and are the No. 1 reefer exporter in the US.