Humberto Vargas
Associate Director, Mexico Intermodal
Werner Enterprises
Beto Vargas is president of the Mexican Association of Intermodal Transportation (AMTI), an organization that gathers the intermodal industry leaders in Mexico focusing its efforts to promote and facilitate the use of intermodal within that nation. He has 18 years of industry experience. Since 2006, Vargas is associate director of intermodal for Werner in its Mexico division, where he leads the development and consolidation of the cross-border intermodal portfolio of that company, including temperature-controlled intermodal service across the border. Prior to joining Werner, Vargas spent more than seven years in leadership roles at Ferromex, where he ran the intermodal business unit of the railroad, consolidated the actual InterPacifico service, developed the El Paso to Chihuahua intermodal corridor for autoparts, and set the bases for the actual cross-border Eagle Premium product. His career began at Intermodal Mexico (IMEX), a company that operates Ferromex ramps, where he led the feasibility studies to develop the intermodal ramps network of that railroad.