George Goldman
George Goldman is the president, Zim USA from September 2015. Zim USA is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia. Formerly, Goldman was with APL as their head of commercial of the Americas (senior vice president of sales, marketing, and customer support for APL’s Liner division). This includes all commercial activities for North, Central and South America. He recently relocated to the United States after serving 12 years in Asia where he was responsible for leading APL’s and APLL’s overseas regional business operations. Goldman had been with APL/NOL for the past 24 years and has worked in numerous management capacities. His overseas tenure began in 1996 as the Transpacific Market General Manager in Singapore, followed by 10 years in China (Hong Kong & Shanghai) as vice president and managing director of the region. He also served as chairman of the Trade and Transportation committee in Shanghai for the American Chamber of Commerce. He has a B.S. from San Jose State University, California, with an emphasis in marketing and cybernetic systems, and attended graduate school at NYU and executive management courses at the University of Michigan.