Brian Reed
Vice President, Supply Chain Optimization
Geodis Global Solutions
Brian Reed has 19 years as a business and information technology (IT) chameleon in supply chain. He began his career working with clients to create value through business and IT solutions in most industries on a global basis. This included leading enterprise architecture and business-model design programs for freight and shipper organizations globally developing innovative solutions using modern concepts such as 4PLs. Serving as the vice president of transportation and customer service at the nation’s largest bottled water manufacturer (Niagara Bottling), Reed led a team developing innovative solutions to manage cost and deliver outstanding service for the company's largest spend category. To ensure he stays up to date with the latest trends, he has continued to deliver advisory services to diverse companies on the leading edge of the supply chain with technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. Today, Reed is an executive working with clients around the world to form vested partnerships delivering 4PL solutions from three global Centers of Excellence as part of the GEODIS Supply Chain Optimization team.